Rider Code of Etiquette

Events by Axiom takes your safety and enjoyment seriously. The rider code of etiquette is your commitment to doing your part to keep yourself and your fellow rider safe while having a good time.

Our Motto: Ride your ride. This is a ride, not a race. All riders are welcomed and we expect each rider to welcome every other rider.

# 1 Rule: Follow the rules of the road. By Oregon law, bicyclists are operators of vehicles and must comply with all traffic laws. Riders who violate safety laws in the Oregon motor vehicle code are also subject to citation by law enforcement officials.

#2 Rule: Move over for emergency vehicles. Seriously, do we have to remind you of this.

Our Guiding Principle: Be a good neighbor. We ride through some great locations and are welcomed back because courtesy and respect are two-way streets.

Rules & Etiquette

Wear a helmet. It’s required. Know how to wear it properly.

Follow the directions of law enforcement, route marshals and staff. Thank you.

Pacelines are limited to 7 riders. No double pacelines.  Are you new to drafting and pacelines? If so, this is a riding skill that requires practice. Be courteous and never draft off someone who doesn’t know you are there.

Stay on pace to complete your route. Each event route lists a starting window, rest stop open and closed times, and route split closing times. Starting early or late may result in support or rest stops not being ready or closing.

Headphone use is discouraged. It’s dangerous when you can’t hear approaching vehicles, calls from other riders and other audible warnings. Second, enjoy the scenery. Third, if you must, keep the volume low and only use your right earbud. We still discourage it.

Respect private property. Do you have private property and like it when others just trample across it? Or use it as a restroom? Nope. So don’t do it to others.

Leave no trace. Simple. Do not litter! 

Be a cycling ambassador. Have you heard that cyclists have a bad reputation because of some people who don’t respect the rules of the road or other cyclists? Does anything in this list hint at why?

There are rules because people think they don’t apply to them. It for someone else. These rules apply to you. And, don’t make us repeat ourselves, that is what parents are for.